Our team reflects more than two decades of exceptional practice intellectual property.

Our lawyers distinguish themselves by their deft understanding of the strategic issues, their ability to react quickly in high-stakes cases, and their commitment to best defending their clients’ interests.

Our versatile teams ensure both the advisory and litigation aspects of the matters we handle. Trust is at the core of our work.




Flora ERBIBOU Associate

Betty DACHARY Associate

Pierre CAMADINI Associate

Béatrice JEANNET Assistant

Mariline GUEDES Assistant

Hommage to Jacques Armengaud

Jacques founded the firm Armengaud in 1993, which later became Armengaud Guerlain in 1995, on the values he considered essential: Precision, loyalty, independence, creativity, and openness towards others.

These are the values that we have enjoyed sharing with him throughout the years of our partnership, and which we continue to uphold and share with our teams:

  • To honour the memory of the Jacques Armengaud, who wanted to leave us his name.
  • To continue to serve and support the best interests of the clients who place their trust in us.
Stéphane Guerlain
Catherine Mateu